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You guys are great and thank you for understanding my credit problems and helping me finance my home, most other companies I’ve seen do not offer the level of service as you guys do. I had an excellent home buying experience, and will definitely recommend you to my friends and family.

    -Jeffrey Grove, Hamilton

Credit Applications

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At Toronto Mortgage Loans, we believe that clients with good credit deserve great rates and we specialize in great rates.

We know that changes in interest rates can have a big impact on how much you pay. That's why we always offer you our lowest rate upfront without hassle.

You'll always get our lowest rate & now and at the time of renewal whether that be through ING Direct, TD Canada Trust or any other bank. No hassles, no haggling. Our rates are updated daily and are always accurate.


To help you get the best rate, Toronto Mortgage Loans deals with over 40 lenders across Canada, from major banks to private lending institutions. We can access exclusive lenders that do not offer retail mortgage service to individuals. Most importantly, where your mortgage is placed is entirely your choice AND you only need to make one simple call to access all your options.


First, the mortgage services we provide are free in the majority of cases. Second, we work with Mortgage Alliance to help you quickly compare rates from several lenders, ensuring you find the most competitive rates in the market. Rates change on a daily basis by the time you've called around, the rates you're comparing could have changed! Last but not least, as a large mortgage originator and partner, major lenders compete for our business and offer exclusive special programs and discounts which we in turn pass on to you the customer.


Buying a home can be a stressful experience. At Toronto Mortgage Loans, we can clarify your options and make financing easy and efficient. With one Mortgage Application we can submit to a variety of different lenders on your behalf and shop for your best mortgage option all without you having to leave the house or visit different lenders and fill in multiple applications. We can assist in whatever way is the most convenient for you whether it's through the internet, phone, fax or in person.


At Toronto Mortgage Loans, we can help you reach the right decision from the thousands of mortgage options that are available, based on your current and future needs. With so many lenders and products in the marketplace, it requires someone who works with mortgages daily to analyze the market and help you choose what is best for you.

Our main objective is to deliver value to the mortgage consumer, and make sure that you get the Right Mortgage.

Getting you the Right Mortgage means that we take the time to understand your situation and your needs, and use our expertise and knowledge to help you make the Right Mortgage decision. There are hundreds of different mortgage products out there - and the choices you make could save you thousands of dollars and take years of your mortgage. Let a qualified Mortgage Alliance Professional take care of you needs.

When you use the Right Broker, you get the Right Mortgage.



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